What is the Lodestone?

I understand that corporate creeds are often boring and disingenuous, but I’ve got a few rules that make sure I can look at myself in the mirror. The following collection is known as “The Lodestone” and, while I might add to it in the future, I’ll never remove or ignore a rule.

I will not:

1. Hype worthless junk that consumers will instantly regret

2. Support product teams or companies that think that bigotry is edgy

3. Support bait sales techniques that attempt to trick consumers

4. Cite misleading studies in an attempt to fool consumers

5. Proclaim the “environmental friendliness” of products that are clearly not

6. See national tragedies, dead celebrities or deadly illnesses as “opportunities for conversion”

7. Plagiarize creative works or attempt to use another’s work without permission

8. Latch onto idiotic or irrelevant trends

9. Market condescending pink products for women or support unnecessarily gendered products

10. Create invasive advertising that attempts to convert through annoyance